How to add Avengers DISSOLVE EFFECT in Filmora

Making dissolve transitions to fade video in Filmora9 takes a minimum amount of effort, and you can apply this effect to videos you use in your projects even if you have little experience with editing videos in this editing app in Mac and PC computers. After going through the installation process, you’re all set to start a new project in Filmora9.

Video tutorial to add Avengers dissolve effect to your videos

In order to add dissolve effect to your video, you need one Filmora effect package called "MARTIAL ARTS".

Follow below link to get it for free


Steps to add Dissolve effects:

1. Open Filmora app

2. Import your videos/images

3. Set background image in Layer 1 and logo/image/video(to apply dissolve effect) in layer 2

4. Add "Erase" transition to the logo/image/video in layer 2

5. Download "Martial arts package"

6. Add Element called "Pink Petals(1)" to your logo

7. Adjust the Element(Pink petals) and Erase transition properly

8. Export the video

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